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The top 10 contradictions of New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Eric Adams had just been elected the 110th mayor of New York, and he had something people needed to hear.

“Trust me when I tell you, there’s never going to be another mayor like me,” Adams said at a political conference in Puerto Rico in November.

It sounded like hyperbole. What politician doesn’t use hyperbole to boost their brand?

But it’s only taken six weeks for Adams to prove how right he was.

From dining with disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to crying over the death of a man he’d never met, from declaring “God” told him he’d be mayor to entertaining at a private club by night, Adams has kept New York’s famed tabloid newspapers busy every day.

Adams has also been in the national spotlight, drawing President Joe Biden to the city earlier this month to discuss gun violence. He is becoming a Democratic Party model for a leader who’s both tough on crime and wants to reform the criminal justice system given his background as a Black retired NYPD captain who worked to diversify the police department from the inside.

Understanding what makes the mayor tick can be a fool’s errand. He’s complex and unpredictable, and often seems like a walking contradiction.

He was vegan until, it turned out, he likes to eat fish.

He was a self-described conservative Republican until, it turned out, he was a Democrat.

“I’m perfectly imperfect,” he said last week.


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